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Biol168-10F-Syllabus-[23Sep2010] - BIOLOGY 168...

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BIOLOGY 168: Developmental Biology (10F) MWF 12:10pm ENGR2-138 Dr. Morris Maduro [Genomics 2121A, 827-7196, [email protected]] TA: Ms. Kasturi Pal [Webber 1100, [email protected]] Discussions Mon 10:10am PHY 2111 Wed 1:10pm SPTH 1307 Fri 10:10am WAT 1117 Fri 11:10am INTS 1125 Week Day Date Lecture Topic F Sep 24 (1) Introduction to Developmental Biology, core principles, genetic equivalence M Sep 27 (2) Gene structure, Localized determinants, Cell-cell signaling W Sep 29 (3) Types of Development, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Model systems and their features 1 F Oct 1 (4) Drosophila embryo: Overall development, early embryonic polarity, maternal/zygotic genes M Oct 4 (5) Drosophila : Maternal genes and Gap genes W Oct 6 (6) Drosophila : Gap genes (continued) and pair-rule genes 2 F Oct 8 (7) Drosophila : Segment polarity and Homeotic selector genes M Oct 11 (8) Drosophila : Homeotic genes continued W Oct 13 (9) C. elegans : Background, cell lineage, early cell-cell interactions, maternal factors
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