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Discussion quiz review sheet

Discussion quiz review sheet - Discussion 1 Immunolabeling...

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Discussion 1: Immunolabeling Terms to know: Epitope Antibody Antigen Polyclonal Antibody Monoclonal Antibody Immunoflorescence Immunohistochemistry Concepts to know: Structure of antibody (heavy and light chains, variable region, effector region) Difference between monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies Direct versus indirect labeling Reasons for using confocal microscopy Positive, negative, and autoflorescence controls (what to use and why) Discussion 2: Western Blots and ELISA Terms to know: ELISA Western Blot Electrophoresis Immunoblot Concepts to know: Which (Western or ELISA) is more quantitative and why? Basic steps of ELISA Sandwich vs indirect ELISA Two steps of western blot and what happens in each Purpose of molecular weight markers Be able to read a western blot result Discussion 3: PCR and Cloning Terms to know DNA cloning Vector Restriction enzyme Recombinant DNA Plasmid Selectable marker Transformation
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