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Management The management team of Shaken Not Stirred consists of General Manager Lianne Argeris, Office Manager Andrew Porter, Kitchen Supervisor Katy Knowlton, Bar Manager Erin Betts, and Wait Staff Manager Miriam Cruz. All of the above show the skills to run a profitable business; however I worry that the team may not have efficient skills in the service industry to provide appropriate training for their employees. The management team should take a course in restaurant management, as well as a bartending class to obtain the skills to reach the goals they seek. This is a cost effective approach, so when new employees are hired, they can be trained with the skills relative to the business, and themselves train others as needed. The organizational concept of the management team will make initial operations difficult. The team has
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Unformatted text preview: provided funds for the company in equal amounts, and having the General Manager, Lianne Argeris, making all the decisions for the company may lead Blame Storming . Thus far, the company looks feasible and profitable on paper, but once operations commence, changes may have to be made to suit. It is possible that having one “head decision maker” may be this companies Achilles heel. Overall, the team of managers is an assertive group. Their skills in their fields will hold a positive return on the rest of the company. The organizational structure of the team is a bit dismal, but with appropriate changes, and an open mind to operations management, Shaken Not Stirred can become a profitable investment for all involved....
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