116 Lecture 1.S10

116 Lecture 1.S10 - CBNS 116 Human Neuroanatomy...

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CBNS 116 “Human Neuroanatomy: Structure-Function Relationships” Lecture Notes by Todd Fiacco Neuroscience 116: Lecture 1 - Course organization, materials, and introduction INTRODUCTION : I. Instructor and TA Todd Fiacco Prakash Devaraju II. A Brief History of 116 A. Professor Glenn Hatton and version 1. Heavy on comparative zoology 2. Heavy on cellular elements B. I have completely redesigned/redeveloped this course. Why? 1. To avoid repetition with material from other CBNS courses (e.g. vs. 106, 124) 2. To try to make the material more interesting (e.g. clinical aspects) 3. To try to make the material more relevant (i.e. human) 4. To prepare pre-meds for first year medical school 5. What this means logistically a. you guys are “guinea pigs” to some extent b. may be a little “rough around the edges” at times c. want you guys to learn as much as possible without “overload” - a delicate balance d. your end of course evaluations will be especially useful III. Materials A. Textbook: John Nolte’s “The Human Brain: An Introduction to its Functional Anatomy”, 6 th Edition, 2009. Great book, comprehensive glossary. Textbook will be followed closely, but on occasion Nolte delves into minutia that you will not need to learn for this course. The lecture material will help you here. B. Some slide images from Hal Blumenfeld’s “Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases”, Sinauer 2002. This book is very clinical but some of the diagrams are beautiful. C. CBNS 116 “Brain Maps”: a discussion and study guide. iLearn. D. iLearn CBNS 116
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FIRST ASSIGNMENT: In Nolte read Chapter 3: “Gross Anatomy and General Organization of the Nervous System” pp. 53-78. This provides a very nice overview of material covered in greater detail in subsequent chapters. TODAY'S LECTURE: I. Survey : A. How many of you are Neuro majors? B. Who has taken 106? Who has taken 120, or 124 systems neuroscience? C. How many of you are Pre-Med track?
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116 Lecture 1.S10 - CBNS 116 Human Neuroanatomy...

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