CBNS 116 Syl S-10

CBNS 116 Syl S-10 - CBNS 116 Spring 2010 9:40-11:00 a.m T R...

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CBNS 116 Spring 2010 Instructor: Todd A. Fiacco 9:40-11:00 a.m. T R TA: Prakash Devaraju 2200 Spieth Hall Human Neuroanatomy: Structure-Function Relationships Course Syllabus This course provides an in-depth study of human functional neuroanatomy including gross anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, microscopic anatomy (histology) of cellular components, and fine structure of the nervous system at the electron microscope (EM) level. Understanding the neuroanatomy of key structures (e.g. hypothalamus, brainstem, hippocampus) will be emphasized. Within each topic, alongside the core neuroanatomy will be clinical considerations that solidify the understanding of function by placing the relevant anatomy into context. The discussions will be used to: (1) review lecture material and exams; (2) conduct “Brain Maps” exercises to reinforce important material; (e.g. cross sections); (3) administer quizzes to assay your grasp of the material; and (4) review clinical cases. Discussions 4 & 7 will feature clinical cases where you will use your knowledge of neuroanatomy to determine what is wrong with patients presenting with particular symptoms. At the end of discussion each group will be surveyed for their diagnosis and
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2010 for the course CBNS 116 taught by Professor Todda.fiacco during the Spring '10 term at UC Riverside.

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CBNS 116 Syl S-10 - CBNS 116 Spring 2010 9:40-11:00 a.m T R...

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