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Donny Lavezzo Ms. Nicolas English R1B July 15, 2009 Take Home Essay #2: Outline I. Introduction A. Thesis: In this essay I will explore the different concepts of family found within the works of Beloved, The Wedding, and Romeo and Juliet. By comparing and contrasting these works I will argue that family, while common across cultures around the world, is nevertheless defined and used in drastically different ways. II. Body Paragraphs A. What does Family mean in Beloved? 1. family means different things for different things for different characters 2. for Paul D it is something to be weary of because it can be taken away at any time
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Unformatted text preview: 3. for Sethe, family is an everlasting bond that extends into the afterlife, and it should be celebrated B. Comparing family in Beloved to those in Romeo and Juliet 1. Paul D’s conception of family is directly opposed to R and J’s conception which is more similar to Sethe’s C. Comparing family in Beloved to those in the The Wedding 1. Gram’s conception of love and family do not extend further than race and class 2. Families in Beloved are characterized by more human emotion, race and class are not ignored but not thought as such an impediment to love III. Conclusion...
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