Biological Clocks midterm 2

Biological Clocks midterm 2 - October 12, 2010 SCN...

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October 12, 2010 SCN topography: minimum 2 compartment design. Shell and core. Lesion input abolish rhythmicity Enucleation core rhythmicity gone. Shell rhythm maintained. 1. What is the behavioral outcome for enucleation? Is this consistent with pERK? a. Animal maintains rhythmicity. b. Shell more important due to the perseverance of rhythm. 2. Do you need core rhythms of pERK for rhythmicity? a. No. 3. What is the difference between DD and enucleation? a. Both have no input and should free run. b. Eye presence drives rhythm in core. 4. Would you expect cutting ganglion cells before they reach the SCN would eliminate pERK core rhythms? (Same as enucleation) a. It should. Need to do studies to confirm. RETINA information SCN Mice lacking cones and rods can entrain to light. MASKING – nocturnal animals don’t like light. Photophobic. They stop running because they don’t like the light but it can appear that they are sleeping. PHOTOTRANSDUCTION BY RETINAL GANGLION CELLS THAT SET THE CIRCADIAN CLOCK (pg. 211) Ignored rods and cones. Looked at first step back. Ganglion SCN. Example of retrograde. Only subset of ganglion go to SCN. Others go to vision. Ganglion cells may be unique and receive light info directly. – this might be hard to study due to the interaction of rods/cones/ganglion Colbalt Chloride blocks signals involving calcium. Then all other signals
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Biological Clocks midterm 2 - October 12, 2010 SCN...

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