Disintegration by dis-integration

Disintegration by dis-integration - Shayna Russell 18710646...

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Shayna Russell 18710646 American Studies C111E October 29, 2009 Disintegration by Dis-integration Before manifest destiny was even a thought, a whole race of people existed and thrived off the fertile California lands. With an inherent sense of supremacy, the United State’s expansion into the west uprooted indigenous people of the land. The massive displacement of peoples, due to the expansion of American ideals: capitalism, supremacy, industrialism, has lead to the amassment of migrant workers. As exemplified by literature, … And the Earth Did Not Devour Him , and historical documentation by Ernesto Galarza migrant workers are treated no better than slaves and worse than animals. The degradation of the Mexican people and their culture by landowners reduces, in the American mind, the Mexicans’ importance and cultural worth. While humanity may seem fragile, the Mexican community fights with tenacity against racism. Their communities flourish with or without the support of good wages and a friendly working environment. Out of labor camps and government camps sprouts families and communities that work together to ensure survival and stability for its members. “Farm labor contractors set up camps in which they assembled following of seasonal workers with an intermediate identity.” (pg
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7) The collective identity, and in turn personal meaning, gives purpose to the migrant workers underneath the chicken coup roof of which they live. In the short story,
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Disintegration by dis-integration - Shayna Russell 18710646...

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