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Donny Lavezzo Ms. Nicolas English 1B July 6, 2009 New Perspectives on Romeo and Juliet : Capulet as the Downfall of his Daughter Everyone knows the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet , or so they think. Not many people consider that when a different perspective is taken, the play is transformed into an entirely different story altogether. Shakespeare’s traditional story unfolds in the city of Verona, in the midst of a feud between two noble families, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s. Romeo, the only son of Montague, comes to see and fall in love with Juliet, the only daughter of Capulet. Although the love between Romeo and Juliet is forbidden by their respective families, who are at war with one another, they decide to seek marriage anyway. Their deep love and passion for one another seems to be the only thing giving them hope and happiness in the world. In the end however, the feud between the two families is too much. It consumes the lives of several people and ultimately drives Romeo and Juliet to kill themselves to find peace with one another. There does exist however, many more individual stories within the play itself. Each character brings with him or her, just as much life experience as Romeo and Juliet to the play. It is only because Romeo 1
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and Juliet are central characters, that their thoughts and actions make up a majority of the plot. If the story were told from a different perspective, we may gain new insights and learn new themes that would never have been considered formerly. When the story is told from the perspective of Capulet, for instance, I will argue that he was an inadequate father and head of the Veronese Family – and it was his intolerance, dishonesty, and immaturity that led to his daughter’s death, not her love for Romeo. In Act 3, scene 5, we see the true character of Capulet come to fruition.
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donnys r and j essay - 1 Donny Lavezzo Ms Nicolas English...

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