farmworker quotes - Picking/Choosing memories to...

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Picking/Choosing memories to (sub)consciously form identity “images… comfort and protect me in a soft embrace.” (1) “…these are not the images I keep stored in my memory cells.” (1) “Reluctant to leave the place… I can recapture the sensory experience of my childhood.” (6) “The image of a lost, wonderful father who had loved her armed my mother with strength for many of her later trials.” (13) “She relied heavily on her own experiences as a basis of understanding the world.” (47) Supremacy within subculture of Hispanic ethnicity Indians … were disgusting – belching, farting, and oozing body odor.” (4) Ignorance and false identity “You don’t know his people. You only know what he tells you.” (7) “My mother moved around the house like a sleep walker, glassy eyed and dazed.” (16) truth realization after blind following leads to utter confusion
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“a woman was expected to endure whatever her marriage brought.” (18)Passivity encouraged “These institutions would judge her harshly and always remind her it was she who chose her fall from grace” (18) fear of the unknown keeps people from being proactive. Rafaela “over the course of the evening, poured out her troubles. I noticed it had been a long time since I’d seen my mother so talkative.” (19) emotional outlet = growth, recognition, decisions. Independent. Respect. Proactive. “María Luisa responded with a tremulous smile.” (20) change is scary but necessary for internal preservation “you must marry an American. It’s your best chance for a good life here.” (28) she was overbearing and preached salvation like religion but “forced” her into decisions she didn’t want to make. Again she had the courage to stand up and say no. religion
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farmworker quotes - Picking/Choosing memories to...

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