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Shayna Russell 18710646 Geo130 McClintock June 9, 2010 Reading Response The three articles Enriching the Earth by Vaclav Smil, Townsend and Howart’s Fixing the Global Nitrogen Problem, Heather Rodgers’ Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage all discuss the cycling of waste. Fixing the Nitrogen Problem explains the pros and cons of Haber-Bosch nitrogen-to- ammonia synthesis, while Enriching the Earth takes it one step further of introducing some ways to combat the problem. Like the invisible over-wasting of nitrogen, our society turns a blind eye to the trash we produce. In Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage, Rodger’s touches on the individual psychological rift between citizens and their trash. It is interesting how the trash workers in the first chapter of Gone Tomorrow are really into “nature,” like hunting and fishing and planting sunflowers, yet when the liners disintegrate they will be unduly destroying. This article was the most relatable of the three to me. I really wonder whether the workers are genuine
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