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lec15.G148 - 1 Diseases introduced by mosquitoes 2...

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1 Lecture 15 10/04/10 I. Biological Control of Distribution a. Predation & disease b. Competition II. Common St. Johnswort (Hypericum perforatum) a. Not native in America b. Spread from east to west c. Poisonous i. if animals (cows) eat too much, blood problems, die d. means of biological control i. use of insects 1. eat the leaves of the plant 2. plant cant photosynthesize a. cant root b. dies e. study of plant Mendocino County f. distribution has to do w/shade III. Various a. Buffalo Bur (Solanum rostratum) b. “irish” Potato c. Colorado Beetle i. Purposefully kept out of CA ii. Spread across USA and Europe iii. Distributed by climate
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2 iv. Does well only if it has a host to live on (potato) d. Hawaiian Honey Creepers (Vestiaria coccinea) i. Bird ii. Each species adapted to own diet iii. 19 th century, quickly reduced, many extinct
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Diseases introduced by mosquitoes 2. Couldn’t find honeycreepers only in higher elevation. a. Mosquitoes couldn’t survive in higher cold elevation b. Diseases: avian, malaria c. Mosquitoes - culex pipiens e. Tseste Fly (glossina) i. Causes probs in Africa ii. Several species iii. Africa area 1. Managed the land to minimize prob 2. Improve chances by burning bushes a. Fire kept down Tseste Fly b. No flies = cows live f. Leishmania Mexicana, a protozoan i. Crawls into brain ii. Fatal IV. Goat Browsing and Plant distribution a. In Bahamas b. Relationship between goats & plants c. Islands usually sensitive to browsing, insects are not 3 d. Insects – goat resistant plants e. Goat browsing – biological bush control...
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