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CHEM235 Final Cumulative Examination May 07, 2004 Examination Instructions The examination is worth 200 points in a total of 800 points for this course. This examination lasts 120 minutes, and consists of 8 questions. Note that some questions do not require you to answer all of the sections. Read the questions carefully before attempting them. Note also that some questions are worth more than others: if a section of a question can be expected to be worth, say, 4 or more points; it should be obvious that a one word answer will not suffice. After the examination, your graded laboratory reports and assignments will be available for collection. Note that any reports not collected after June 1 will be shredded. Note that the following may not be used in the examination: o Molecular modeling kits o Calculators, programmable or otherwise. o Mobile phones, personal organizers, or any other device capable of electronic storage of significant amounts of information, or remote access to the internet. o Textbooks, reference books, lecture notes or any other written material. Please ensure that mobile phones are turned off, and placed in a bag or pack prior to the start of the examination. Please do not turn this page over until instructed to do so by the examination proctor.
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CHEM235%20Spr%202004%20Final - CHEM235 May 07, 2004 Final...

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