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CHEM232 – Organic Chemistry II KEY Spring 2009 Quiz #1 This quiz is worth 15 points of a possible total of 600 for this course, and consists of three questions. You must attempt all three questions, but you may not need to attempt all parts of each question, so read carefully. Where you complete more than the required number of parts for a question, you must indicate clearly which parts you wish to have graded. Question 1 (6 points). Choose four of the following six reactions, and predict the reaction outcomes. Note: there may be more than one product. Cl Br 2 FeBr 3 O Cl H 2 Pd/charcoal NO 2 HNO 3 /H 2 SO 4 SO 3 /H 2 SO 4 NO 2 KMnO 4 /H + NBS, AIBN Cl Cl NO 2 HOOC NO 2 HOOC Cl NO 2 Br Br + NO 2 O 2 N + SO 3 H HO 3 S + (trace) Br Br ++ polybrominated products Question 2 (3 points). Rank the following four aromatic compounds in terms of activation of the aromatic ring by the substituents (most activated = 1, most deactivated = 4).
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Quiz%20_1%20Spr%202009%20-%20KEY - KEY Spring2009 Quiz#1...

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