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Unformatted text preview: CHEM232 – Organic Chemistry II Quiz 2 Spring 2009 This quiz is worth 15 points of a possible total of 600 points for this course, and consists of three questions. You are required to answer all three questions, but you may not be required to answer all parts of a given question, so read carefully. Where you are not required to answer all parts, you should clearly indicate which parts you wish to have graded for credit. Question 1 (6 points). Predict the outcomes (including any stereo‐ or regiochemical outcomes for three of the following five reactions: HO H2SO4 ∆ CO2CH3 + CN + CN CN + NC Br2 ether, 0oC Question 2 (4 points). Choose one of the two sets of compounds below, and rank them in order of increasing acidity: most acidic ranked 1, least acidic ranked 4. SET A HO OH HO NO2 HO CH3 HO Cl OH SET B F OH F OH OH F Question 3 (5 points). Predict and explain the outcome of the following reactions, including stereo‐ and regiochemical outcomes, with reference to the relevant reaction mechanism. You must include the mechanism of reaction in your answer, and may include any additional diagrams or structures to support your answer. HCl (1.0 equiv.) ether, 0oC ...
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