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Quiz%20_3%20Spr%202008 - Name CHEM 235 Spring 2008 Quiz 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Name CHEM 235 Spring 2008 Quiz 3 March 31, 2008 This quiz is worth 25 points in your possible total of 700 points for this course, and consists of three questions. You are required to answer all three questions, but may not be required to answer all parts of these questions, so read the question carefully. Where you are not required to answer all parts, please indicate clearly which parts you wish to have graded. Question 1 (11 points). Provide systematic names for three of the five structures shown below: N H CH2CH3 NH2 Cl CH3 SCH3 SH N NH2 Question 2 SET 1 NH2 Cl NH2 O2N NH2 H3CO Name (6 points). Rank both sets of compounds in order of increasing basicity (most basic = 1, least basic = 3): SET 2 NH2 NH2 H3C NH2 H3C Question 3 Br (8 points). Predict the outcome of four of the following seven reactions. CH3CH2NH2 NaHCO3 1) LiAlH4/ether NNN 2) H+/H2O H2O2 S CH3CO2H O N H H+/H2O ∆ CuCl/HCl N2 Cl NH2 NaNO2/HCl 0-5oC N(CH3)3 I Ag2O/H2O ∆ ...
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