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Exam2_Fall2009_FormA - IMPORTANT Fill in the circle A after...

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1 PHYS 172 Fall 2009 Wednesday, October 14th EXAM 1 - TEST FORM A There are two parts to Exam 1: the machine-graded part of this test, and the last page that you turn in to be graded by hand. Machine Answer Sheet: Using a pencil, fill in Last Name, First Name, & Middle Initial, plus your 10-digit Purdue University ID number. Enter Instructor (Ritchie or Csathy), Course (PHYS 172), Date (10/14/09), and Test (2). Leave “Section” blank. You must include your Signature. The seven machine-graded problems are worth 10 points each (70 points total). If your answer is slightly different from any of the choices due to round-off errors, etc., then select the closest choice. Hand-Graded Sheet : Enter your Name, Signature, PUID, and your recitation section. The hand-graded portion is worth a total of 30 points. When finished with both parts, bring them to the front of the classroom, show your Purdue ID card to the Instructor, and turn in the machine-graded answer sheet and the hand-graded answer sheet at the same time. These two parts together are worth 100
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