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Phys_172_Exam_1_Instructions - worth 70 and a hand-graded...

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Phys 172 Exam 1, 2010 Fall What to bring: 1. Your student ID – we will check it! 2. Calculator: any calculator as long as it does not have internet/phone connection 3. Pencils Exam will take place in Elliott Hall of Music. When entering hall, please take a writing board (available at the entrance). Please prepare to be seated in “exam formation” – each other row and each other seat. The first occupied row is row #2. There are assigned seats. Turn off your phone and keep it in your bag/pocket at all times. Equation sheet is provided with the exam. You do not have to return it. The exam consists to two parts: Seven multiple-choice questions
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Unformatted text preview: worth 70% and a hand-graded portion worth 30%. • Fill in the scantron sheet: enter your name, PUID and your test number – YOU MUST ENTER A TWO-DIGIT NUMBER, SO IF YOUR TEST COVER PAGE READS: PLEASE RECORD “1” UNDER TEST/QUIZ NUMBER” YOU MUST ENTER 01. • Enter your recitation day and time in the box provided in the hand-graded portion of the exam. • At the end of the exam please turn in your scantron sheet and the entire paper exam to one of the TAs (don’t forget to sign your paper exam at the right-top corner)....
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