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PE1-soln%281%29 - EGM2511 Statics — Fall 2010 Name l...

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Unformatted text preview: EGM2511 Statics — Fall 2010 Name: l ‘53 Sorting No. Show your work — Box answers — Free Body Diagram required for equilibrium problems Practice Exam Problem #1 The figure shows a truss composed of five members: AB, AC, AD, BC, and CD. A 2.4 kN external’l‘orc'e is applied at point D. Resolve this force into components directed along members AD and CD. Give your answers in both lb and kN'._ ”A B “i25amél5"‘{2.‘1.lav)(%l)112.32 m: g 1 Ward / lla ; Ll- L/L/g/L/ ‘ c r“- r7 4 :, 734%”ny will" '3'“ l7§21b :52 l , Haggard 8'“ (2.52%xcfi3/0M2jg‘iglzéjyll T/Sfiéfllo’ B j ...
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