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1 Human Performance Midterm Review

1 Human Performance Midterm Review - 1 MidtermReview...

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1 st  Midterm Review 16:56 Areas Covered CH. 5,2,6,7,8,16 Metabolism Energy Exp + Intake Efficiency Wt. Central BC + BMI Metabolism ATP   ADP + P+ E ADP + P + E   ATP Fuel Reserves Basic Met Pathways Glycolysis Fuel ATP Limits Role OF NAD + LDH Aerobic System Kreb Cycle and Cytochrome Fuels Pyruvate, FFA, AA ATP CHO = 34
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FATS ~ 130 Limitation O2 Products CHO + FAT CO2 H20 E -------------- Protein + N2 NAD and FAP   derivative B Cytiox Eff Energy cons 40% RQ=VCO2/VO2 Table:                  FAT          CH               o .70    100           0 o .85     50            50 o 1.00    0             100 o 1 RQ = 3.33 o o EX: .80, closest to top or bottom o so answer is FAT 76, and CH 33 Sports  ATP/PC|ANA   most energy derived|Aerobic Muscle Fibers Type I o STO slow, low tension, fatigue resistance, more mitochondria, more  capillaries Type IIB
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  • Spring '07
  • Girandola
  • Adenosine triphosphate, ATP Fuel Reserves, Metabolism Energy Exp, Intake Efficiency Wt., Caloric Intake Food, Cytiox Eff Energy

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