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1 Human Study Guide Revised - Metabolism ATP fuel for...

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Metabolism ATP fuel for energy. When it is used then it is ADP and energy is released. Make ATP from ADP phosphate and energy. Remember the ration, dictates metabolic rate. ADP is what drives metabolism. Fuel Reserves ATP CP – 10 and 20 calories Glycogen – 10k to 16k calories Fat – depends on percent fat of person, so how much fat reserve? Ex: 4100 calories per pound of fat Basic Metabolic Pathway Short - less than 15 sec ATP CP immediate resource Long - up to 2min anaerobic pathway Beyond 5 – 6 min aerobic pathway Glycolysis Anaerobic energy production pathway Fuel Glucose is a Carb. ATP = 2 Net 4 gross Limitation = its ability to tolerate lactic acid, functions without oxygen available NAD = hydrogen transporter, takes hydrogen from the glycolitic pathway to the cytochrome system LDH enzyme = plus pyruvate + NAD2H forms lactic ACID If NAD can’t be oxidized in the aerobic system this enzyme removes the hydrogens. This enzyme simply allows glycolysis to function when there is no oxygen present. Function is to oxidize NAD2H. Endproduct = Pyruvate Aerobic System Two metabolic pathways Kreb and cytochrome system located in the mitochondria All 3 fuels metabolized in this systems Pyruvate comes from glycolitic pathway Fatty Acids Amino Acids ATP’s produced Immediate enzyme ATP - ADP Glycolitic - Is from glucose, may enzymes located in cytoplasm Aerobic System - Kreb, Cytochrome Common intermediate – makes everything goes back and forth. 34 ATP from CARBS plus to from glycolisys 36 130 ATO from a typical FAT The difference is that 3x more ATP but it requires more oxygen to metabolize fat. So in high intensity (oxygen deprived) exercise the ability to metabolize fat is compromised Limitation = is that there is oxygen driven, hence aerobic system. End Products of this metabolism of:
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1 Human Study Guide Revised - Metabolism ATP fuel for...

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