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Human Performance 0

Human Performance 0 - Two Muscles types Fast Twitch and...

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Human Performance “Preview” 16:56 Preview Questions/Statements 1) An attempt to understand what facilitates and what limits ones optimal  performance.  Why does fatigue occur after running 1-2 miles?  Cardio Vascular System Is it cause by some factor(s) as in marathon (26 miles)?  Fuel Reserves, the ability to maintain carbohydrates (Glycogen) If you run out of  carbs speed decreases.  What about 100 meter run? Strong looking people, the muscles (type of muscles) and the amount of creatin  monohydrate (an ergogenic aid)and ATP.  2)What are the best and most efficient methods of training athletes, for their  respective sport? Specifity – do the same exercise for the purpose of the sport you do.
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Unformatted text preview: Two Muscles types: Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch. Selected Atrophy – if you do a certain exercise for endurance then your fast twitch muscles may decrease. There are no racial differences in races within the athletic performance. 3)What makes the elite or super athlete? Can he/she be identified physiologically? Can average individuals attain elite status? Genetics overrides everything. Individuals are limited by their genetics. Future – genetic manipulation that will create amazing athletes. 4)Effects of environment on performance: heat, cold, altitude. Heat – heat stroke vulnerability 16:56 16:56...
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