Human Performance 13

Human Performance 13 - much contraction) and blood ~...

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17:05 Review: SHORT LECTURE LOOK AT NEXT LECTURE A)Anabolic Agents B)Diuretics – mostly masking agents C)Amphetamines –stimulant also ephedrine etc D)Narcotic Drugs – marijuana WADA organization said They are the must abused E)EPO erythropoietin F)Caffeine Loading has ergogenic effects banned at the NCAII level and not banned anymore. -->  Pseudoephedine G)Beta Blockers calms you, drugs banned when they help the sport H)Sodium Bicarbonate ph cell blood ~ 7.0 (neutral) acidosis ~ 6.0 (will not get as 
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Unformatted text preview: much contraction) and blood ~ 7.4acidosis when taken you raise the cell to 7.5 only for anaerobic exercise o 400 meter 1 2 seconds decreased o 800 meter 2 3 seconds decreased o 300mg/kg taken 90minutes before exercise. (2.1 gms) 70X300 o It is not banned, because you get to find it in medicine cabinets o Ergolytic inhibits performance 17:05 17:05...
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Human Performance 13 - much contraction) and blood ~...

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