Human Performance 14

Human Performance 14 - considered a food(from beef and pork...

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Human Performance 14 16:53 Drugs + Ergogenics LOOK AT STUDY GUIDE FOR DRUGS REFENCE! A. Anabolics B. Diuretics C. Stimulants D. Narcotics E. Blood Boosters/EPO F. “Calming agents” Beta Blockers, Alcohol G. Caffeine H. Sodium Bicarbonate* Alkaline Buffer 300mg/kg for 70kg would be 21gm I. Creatine – To rise CP level in muscle.  ~4-5gm – 4-5x day For 2 Weeks, raises CP to ~30%. 20-25gm for 2 weeks.  Only good for short term exercise. One gains water weight. Yet the water is  not so good for an athlete (sprinter gaining weight due to water) 50% did not  benefit 50% did benefit. There’s no guarantee of positive or negative effect. Its 
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Unformatted text preview: considered a food (from beef and pork) not illegal. A. PULMONARY FUNCTION (End Of Drugs Lecture) • 2 Parts (take in 02 – give off CO2 o Upper Part: mouth, nose, trachea, bronchial tubes o Lower Part: alveolar sacs, ducts o Functions Upper 1) Ventilation (Ve) 2) Heat incoming air 3) Adds Moisture 4) Most Serious Filtration: :Particulate: • The process (Boyles Law says p=1/V) o Inspiration at rest passive o Expiration at rest o At medium D+ External Intercostals expiration rectus Abd. o At High D+ External Intercostals, Scalen; trapezoids Internal Intercostals Muscles 16:53 16:53...
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Human Performance 14 - considered a food(from beef and pork...

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