3,Altitude.1 - Altitude Occur after 24 hours of exposure....

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Occur after 24 hours of exposure. Length of symptoms is altitude and individual. Lasts 1 to 3 days. Dissipates after that time. One can get someone up to the altitude fast within 1 or 2hrs or have the person go days before event to get used to symptoms and adapt. When exercise is much greater and its by hypoxia. The effect at rest is not as bad. Vo2 Max Changes: Acclimatize takes 2-3 weeks. Altitude: 7000ft (Mex City) Acute: 85% Acclimatized: ~95%. Altitude: 10000ft Acute: 78% Acclimatized: ~92%. Altitude: 14000ft Acute: ~64% Acclimatized: ~83%. Altitude: 24000ft Acute: ~% Acclimatized: ~35-40%. Acclimatization: because of Hypoxia the oxygen content in blood is low. If you give blood you become anemic because you have less oxygen in the blood and red blood cells. In altitude you have same red blood cells but because of the desaturation you are not at 90% anymore and you become anemic. That stimulates the kidney to produce Erythropoietin ergogenic aid, occurs in body at 24hours after exposure to altitude and peaks at 48 hours. Bone marrow produces red cells. Doesn’t happen over night takes 2 to 3 weeks. If you took a group of females of males of same age, would one acclimatize faster? Males acclimatize faster due to males having more iron that females. Example : If one had a male with 15.0gm of hemoglobin and then the person went to altitude and stayed there then 4-5gm of hemoglobin after 2 to 4 weeks of exposure = would have 20gm of hemoglobin would bring the person to 23- 25ml of oxygen 400ml of blood. 1.34ml of oxygen/gm of hemoglobin if you added about 4 – 5gm hemo that would raise 26 to 27ml of oxygen. Andean Native: 4.540M – 14.89’, HCT (hematocrit) = 65%. Disadvantage in circulation. Acclimatize from Americans 42% to 59% hematocrit and 14 to 19 hemoglobin. Altitude has disadvantage to exercise. A person who acclimatizes has an advantage rather than with a person who is acutely exposed. At Sea level the arterial PO2 is 100mm hg. PO2 Tissue 20, hence Change
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3,Altitude.1 - Altitude Occur after 24 hours of exposure....

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