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Homework _3 Child Development

Homework _3 Child Development - PSY 102 Psychology in the...

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PSY 102: Psychology in the Modern World Your Name: Sylwia Kolendo Instructor: Bob Melara Your Section: FALL 2010 Your TA’s Name: ** Answer the questions in your own words , Type your answers, make sure you answer all parts, print the answered homework and take it with you to your next recitation! Only the two lowest homework grades can be dropped ** Homework # 3 (Child Development) 1. What is habituation? How is it used to measure cognitive processes in infants (hint: pages 175-176)? Habituation is decreased responding with repeated stimulation. It is used by researchers to measure ability of infants to remember and recognize objects. 2. a) Outline Piaget’s four main stages of cognitive development Stage 1 (birth-2y.o.) Sensorimotor: experiencing world trough senses and actions Stage 2 (2-6 or 7 y.o.) Preoperational: language development Stage 3 (7-11 y.o.) Concrete operational – thinking logically Stage 4 (12 trough adulthood) Formal operational: abstract reasoning
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