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History test 2 - History test 2 Decision for...

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History test 2 Decision for Independence [continued] 1. Steps toward independence i. 2 nd congressional congress meets in Philadelphia to manage the war effort ii. Create a continental army to fight the British iii. Have wisdom to appoint George Washington commander in chief of the continental army iv. Becomes the “defacto government” v. Main task is managing the war effort vi. Britians response is very harsh. They pass the “prohibitory acts” which are designed to shut down the colonial colonies. To punish the colonies that are in rebellion. The acts end all commerce between england and all colonies in rebellion vii. Set up a naval blockade that does not permits ships to pass them. To destroy the economy of the americas. viii.Comes as a shock to the colonists. They cant believe the crown is going this far to destroy their economy ix. Some believe that the crisis in america can be averted. Think the king is getting bad advice and needs to be told differently x. The americans start to organize a professional army. England sends in 30,000 english troops and also hire 30,000 german hesinans. Have a force of about 50 thousand soldiers in the colonies b. Common sense i. A pamphlet called “common sense” is published by Thomas Pain. ii. Thomas pain is an enlightment thinker iii. Is an attack on the king. An argument against kings in general iv. Says that kings as a seat of power will continually try to sieze more power and it always results to tyrany. The crown is an unchecked power and hereditary titles make no sense. v. Advocates for society based on law rather than what the king thinks vi. Becomes an immediate best seller c. Declaration of Independence i. In the summer of 1776, 2 nd congress is still meeting in Philadelphia and declare independence. Already 80 or 90 declarations of independence already made before this ii. Vote on july 2 nd iii. Approve language on july 4 th iv. Does not actually finish the document until july 17 th v. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration vi. Not signed until August 2 nd vii. The people who signed the declaration have committed treason in the eyes of england and the punishment of treason is death
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viii.Majority of the delcaration is a catalog of what the king has done and an elaborate argument of why the colonists must break their ties with the king ix. Language is powerful and ends with explaining why the colonies have made the choice for independence x. In many ways, the declaration is a legal document making a case to the king that the rest of the world will see xi. The declaration reads likea divorce case because Jefferson delt with divorce cases while he was a lawyer xii. Signers are putting their life and fortunes on the line because if they do not win the war then they will be the first people executed and their estates siezed. xiii.Copies were sent out all throughout america and read in town squares
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History test 2 - History test 2 Decision for...

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