Option#1-media analysis paper instructions

Option#1-media analysis paper instructions - CRITICAL...

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Unformatted text preview: CRITICAL ANALYSIS PAPER OPTION #1: MEDIA CLAIM ANALYSIS Sociology 150gm Choose an issue that claims makers have argued is a social problem; it must be a different topic from your group project. Find at least ten articles online that address the issue. Choose at least five from traditional news organizations ( Los Angeles Times , New York Times , Time Magazine, CNN.COM, etc.) and at least five articles online written by members of special interest groups (such as activists, political parties, or bloggers with explicit political leanings). Use a minimum of three concepts from Best chapters 2 and 5 to analyze how the claims are constructed differently between the two categories of articles. Paper Due: October 12 in lecture (and uploaded onto Blackboard—see instructions at the end) Late penalty : 10% per day and by 5% if turned in after 2:00 on 10/12. No papers will be accepted via email or after October 19. Place late papers in your TA’s box, time stamped by a staff member in KAP 352October 19....
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Option#1-media analysis paper instructions - CRITICAL...

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