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University Lecture Series - Binh Cao TA: Courtney Robinson...

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Binh Cao TA: Courtney Robinson (64820) 10/13/2010 Location: Bass Concert Hall Speakers: David Laude, Leigh McAlister, Laurence Speck, David Springer, Sean Theriault University Lecture Series: World Changers (The Great Debate) As Dean David Laude from the College of Natural Sciences emphasized in his speech, the most crucial aspect in this great debate was to inform the audience, the future generation, on how to “engage the world” when it became their turn to take charge of the world. The five debaters, each from different backgrounds of profession on campus, spoke diligently on how their profession contributed and impacted the world the most for exactly five minutes. Sean Theriault began his part of the debate by arguing for professions that regarded Liberal Arts or the government. Dean David Laude followed informing the audience on the powerful profession of a scientist and its exponential advancement towards the future. Larry Spec, the well-known architect, surprisingly contested on the profession of being a teacher for his community and students. David Springer disputed on behalf of the social workers of the world with much emotional appeal. Leigh McAlister finished off the debate by applying her argument on the
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University Lecture Series - Binh Cao TA: Courtney Robinson...

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