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CS 415 Compilers: Problem Set 7 Due date: Wednesday, April 14, 2010, before recitation Problem 1 – Attribute Grammars 1. EaC, p.734, problem 4.3.2. (The classic expression grammar is given in Figure 3.1 on page 85) Problem 2 – Attribute Grammars and Syntax-Directed Translation Schemes Assume the following partial grammar: vardcl ::= idlist : type idlist ::= idlist, ID | ID type ::= integer | real | double 1. Write an attribute grammar that computes the attribute type for each identifier, i.e., for each occurrence of an
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Unformatted text preview: ID node in a subtree with < vardcl > as its root. State for each attribute that you are using whether it is synthesized or inherited. 2. Show the parse tree for the input string A, B, C : real with all attribute instances and the nal values of these attributes, i.e., show the decorated tree. 3. Is your attribute grammar S-attributed or L-attributed? 4. Write a syntax-directed translation scheme that stores the types of the variables in a symbol table....
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