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PHYS 101 Homework # 6 DUE DATE: November 11, 2008 Please do not submit copycat answers from the solutions book or some other solution you have in hand. You should at least show your understanding of the problem. Otherwise, this will be considered as cheating. 1) Is it possible to have a non-zero net force on an object that does no work on the object? Give an example of this for ( a ) an object going in a straight line and ( b ) an object along a curved trajectory. Explain. 2) Two people push in opposite directions on a block that sits atop a friction-less surface (The soles of their shoes are glued to the frictionless surface). If the block, originally at rest at point P , moves to the right without rotating and ends up at rest at point Q , describe qualitatively how much work is done on the block by person 1 relative to that done by person 2? 3) train composed of flat cars, travels with s constant speed V along a straight track. A crate of mass m, is attached to a rope and is slowly lowered from a bridge when the
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