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hw8-101-2008 - PHYS 101 Homework 8 DUE DATE Please do not...

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PHYS 101 Homework # 8 DUE DATE: November 25, 2008 Please do not submit copycat answers from the solutions book or some other solution you have in hand. You should at least show your understanding of the problem. Otherwise, this will be considered as cheating. 1) Suppose you are in an automobile accident. (a) All other things being equal, are you better off in a more massive car or a lighter one? Why? (b) Is it better to be in a car that crumples on impact rather than one that holds together stiffly? Why? 2) Bullet passing through a wooden block on the floor. A bullet is fired horizontally, with a speed v 0 ,into an initially stationary wooden block lying on the horizontal floor. The mass M of the block is much larger than the mass m of the bullet. After the bullet passes through the block, the wooden block moves a distance L along the floor before coming to rest. The coefficient of friction between the block and the floor is μ .
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