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Math.112HW7Solns.(2008-9,Spring) - MaT‘n.112,HW Due on...

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Unformatted text preview: MaT‘n.112 ,HW? Due on Apr. 6,2009 Up To 12:50 pm. In problems 1,2, and 3,f§nd The limiT of The sequence {an} if The limiT exiTs 1. an =(l—%][1~_31—3] ...................... [1—1117] 2 a =(n!) 2' ° (2n)! 3. an=n(3“—1) 4. If The n—Th par’ria! sum of a series Zen is sn 211—4 find an and Zan. n=1 n=t n+1 ' ...
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