09-3%20exam_ans - Y Name(print_Section GTnum Email ECE3076...

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Unformatted text preview: Y Name (print) ______________________________Section ______ GTnum ______________ Email __________________________ ECE3076 Final Exam b Y p. 1 of 3 ECE3076 Final Exam Dec. 2009 RULES. i This quiz is not open book. Three original sheets of hand-written notes may be used. Calculators are ok. ii Answer all questions and show all work to receive full credit. Use back of sheets only if necessary. iii Please do not ask the proctors any questions during the exam about exam questions. Part of the test is understanding the question, as written, without supplemental information. If you feel additional data is needed to solve the problem, make (and state) an assumption and then work the problem. iv. This is a time-limited test. If you find you are taking more than 15 minutes on a particular problem, move on and come back to that problem after finishing the others. Each answer counts 1.6 points. v. There should be no headphones, and no active wireless devices of any sort. Cell phones should be turned off and in a book bag on the floor, or not brought into the room. Computers and PDAs must be off and out of sight. v. The Georgia Tech Honor Code applies (see last page). John Copeland Honor Code - I affirm that I have obeyed and will obey the rules of the Georgia Tech Honor Code*. Signature _______________________________ *Basically, I did not cheat, and I reported any observed cheating. Discussing this exam with someone yet to take it , or who previously took it, is a type of cheating. Question 1 - Network and Socket "addresses" Name the three "addresses" needed to send a TCP segment to www.cnn.com, for the transport layer, network layer, and the link/physical layer. Show (a) what the "address" is commonly called, (b) how each local "address" value is found (by link/physical layer....
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This note was uploaded on 10/29/2010 for the course ECE 3076 taught by Professor Copeland during the Spring '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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09-3%20exam_ans - Y Name(print_Section GTnum Email ECE3076...

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