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ECE3076 Homework 3_2007

ECE3076 Homework 3_2007 - 8 Lets the sender know which...

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Name_____________________GT#___gt _ Section: _____ ECE3076 Homework 3 Due: Friday Sept. 28, 2007 1. TCP and UDP Checksum a. What is the one's compliment 8-bit checksum of the following 8-bit binary numbers: _________________ 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 2. Reliable Data Transfer 2. Reliable Data Transfer . . Put the letter or letters to indicate which of the following protocol parameters Put the letter or letters to indicate which of the following protocol parameters help implement the function. Answers: A. Serial number B. ACK C. NACK D. Check Sum or CRC E. Retransmit Timer F. Window G. Pipelining H. Selective acknowledgement (SACK) Questions: 1. Lets the receiver detect duplicate packets: _ _ 2. Keeps the connection going when an ACK is lost: _ 3. Allows greater throughput (data transfer rate): _ 4. Lets the transmitter know which packet (or bytes) is acknowledged: _ 5. Allows the receiver to detect when a packet has an error. _ 6. Lets the receiver detect missing packets: _ 7. Limits the number of outstanding packets (or bytes) that can be sent: _
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Lets the sender know which packets were received. 3. Data Throughput. If the data in a pipeline is less than a "Window" size, the transfer rate is "transmission rate limited" (limited by the lowest data rate in the path), and the Utilization factor is 1.0 (to first order) . Otherwise it is "Window Limited." The "data in the pipeline", D, is given by "RTT * R". The Utilization, U, is W/D for W<D and 1.0 for W>D. In the Window limited case (U < 1), the Throughput is W/RTT = R U. If the round-trip-time, RTT, is 30 ms and the rate, R, is 100 Mb/s: What is D (in bits) ______________ bits, in Bytes: ________________________ Bytes. If the Window, W, is 4000 Bytes, what is it in bits? ____________________ bits. Is this connection Window Limited? ___________________ (yes/no) What is the Utilization? _____________________________ What is the Throughput? _____________________________ 9/26/2007 13:40 ECE3076 HW-3 p.1...
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