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ECE3076 Homework 2 Answers 2/9/07 Due: Wed. Feb. 7, 2007 (in class ) [info in [ ]'s not required] 1. The following could be typed into the Navigation Toolbar of a Web browser" http://www.acme.com:8080/catalog/auto/plugs.html What are the following parts known as (port, file name, protocol, URL, DNS name, top-level domain): a. http:// __The protocol [hyper text transport protocol] ___ b. www.acme.com/catalog/auto/plugs.html __ URL [universal resource locator for file] _____ c. www.acme.com __ host (DNS) name ____ [would be URL for default file] d. /catalog/auto/plugs.html __ file name [relative to Web server application's top directory] e. 8080 __ Web server's TCP port number [ it is not the default, 80] f. com ____ top-level domain _______ g. Which, a - f, will be used to find the 32-bit IP address? _____ c ______ [host DNS name] 2. An application opens a UDP or TCP "socket" to allow it to stream data to and from an application on another host on the internet. What three parameters specify this socket? [should have specified "send" socket]. a. __ remote host IP address _ b. _ remote host port number _ c. __ transport protocol [udp or tcp] _ When we observe a TCP or UDP connection, we define it by what two additional parameters: d. __ local host IP address ____ f. ___ local host port number ___ 3. Email protocols have been developed to permit email transfer. Please identify: a. Very simple email sending protocol. No built in authentication. ___ smtp _ [simple mail transport p.] b. Protocol used 10 years ago to selectively download email. ____ POP [post office protocol] _ c. Popular email receiving protocol today which allows email to be kept in folders on server. _ imap _ d. In your email "user-agent" program, click whatever is necessary to see a raw email message from me
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hw2_ans - ECE3076 Homework 2 Answers 2/9/07 Due: Wed. Feb....

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