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Name (print) ______________________________ Sec. ________ ECE3076, Fall 2009 Email ____________________ HW-6 Due Friday, Nov. 20 (beginning of class) Email to your TA. These topics may be on the Exam. 1 . When you type "" into your browser, what are the two hosts whose Ethernet addresses must be obtained if nothing is cached from previous operations? a. _________________________________ b. _____ ____________________ ________________ b. On an IP network, what protocol is used to obtain these MAC addresses? ____________________ 2 . Ethernet is called CSMA/CD, while WiFi is called CSMA/CA. MA stands for Multiple Access. a. What does CA mean ? _________________________________________________________ b. What does it prevent? ____________________________________________________ c. What does CD mean ? ____________________________________________________ d. What does it prevent? _______________________________________________________ 3. Hosts A , B, C, and D are connected directly to an
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