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ACHIEVING SUCCESS THROUGH EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATION DOCUMENT MAKEOVER MEMO TO: All Team Members, Shipping Department FROM: Esther Nields, Manager DATE: February 13, 2005 SUBJECT: Team Performance As members of the shipping team, you’ve always handled the challenges of this department well. During our busiest seasons (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Graduation, and Halloween), you’ve always pulled more than your share and kept our shipments going out on time. Now you’ve all started slacking off—and the result is a big fat zero on our productivity scale! I’ve done some tracking and learned that the problem is not a delay in manufacturing (in other words, products are reaching our department on time). Neither does the problem involve current difficulties with shipping channels. That means the holdups are happening within our department, reflecting poorly on our performance as a team and producing statistics that will eventually come back to haunt us, individually and collectively, which is a situation that none of us want to see happen. I’d hate to do it, but if I have to I’m going to start firing on the spot anyone I catch lagging on the job. I believe that as a team we can come up with solutions that will rectify the delays and bring our performance back up to the high level we’ve always achieved. To tell the truth, I’m pretty steamed up about this situation so don’t expect me to overlook any lapses I discover. I’ll give you a few days and then I’d like to have your suggestions and insights by February 20. You may send them directly via e-mail, or if you prefer anonymity, slip your unsigned memo into an interoffice envelope and direct it to my office. We’ll discuss the results of your input and plans for improvement at a department meeting to be held on Friday, February 27, at 10 a.m. in the conference room. By pulling together like this, we should be able to step up our performance and get back to meeting shipping schedules consistently!
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MULTIPLE CHOICE OPTIONS: (CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER.) 1. Select the best option for improving this sentence: “Now you’ve all started slacking off— and the result is a big fat zero on our productivity scale!” a. Substitute “That’s why I was surprised to learn that, recently, our shipments have been falling behind schedule.” b. Omit the sentence, which places blame on the reader. c.
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