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PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BLUE BAND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report was made taking into account the organization and one of its business units. Lever brother Pakistan is a renowned organization, which has taken over the Pakistani market with a boom. We have taken Blue Band as our main product and have conducted a research on marketing strategies that are being used to market Blue Band. With this research we have also developed our own marketing strategy and has implemented it on Blue Band. Through our research findings we found out that Blue Band did not have a high share in market. With only 11% share and 75%share of unbranded items, Blue Band needed a new look to go ahead and take the market by storm. With overall annual sales estimated to be 14000 tons, branded items only had sales of 3500 tons and rest was for unbranded items. Blue Band Margarine spread has been in the market since the past 15 years. It is the only locally produced margarine in the Pakistani spreads industry. However, the product is still in the latter stages of growth on the product life cycle. This is because of the fact that sales are relatively stagnant and Blue Band is not growing at the accelerated growth rate expected of a market leader. The main reason for this is that the rural areas where the lower income classes are prevalent are not familiar with the use of margarine. These people do not believe in going out to buy margarine or butter for that matter. These are the type of people who feel that “pure” and “healthy” are only what is produced or cooked at home. Blue Band is the only margarine in Pakistan. Hence it faces no rivalry or competition from any other margarine here, as there are none. The other players operating in the category are branded and unbranded / home made butters. Therefore we have assumed these branded and INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 1
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PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BLUE BAND unbranded / home made butters to be the direct competitors of Blue Band Margarine spread. The image is the main problem for Blue Band to have a low market share. Blue Band’s identity and its image do not even come close. Consumers think that Blue Band is butter not margarine and it is not so nutritious. Blue Band is only used as a spread not used for cooking purposes. The image identity was not formed because of the advertising image that Blue Band created. The advertisements showed Blue Band only being used as a spread for breakfast. The other usages of margarine were not shown in the advertisements. Blue Band’s current image is that of a margarine spread, which is not very nutritious despite its many vitamins and calcium. This is because of the concept in the consumer’s mind that it has chemicals added and is therefore, not pure and healthy. THE RE-LAUNCH OF BLUE BAND
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final report-blue band - PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BLUE BAND...

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