lectureSalesprmotion - other sales promotions to encourage...

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Sales promotion Sales promotion offers an incentive to buy while advertising gives reason to buy. Consumer sales promotion: samples , coupon, cash refund offers, prices off, premiums,prizes,patronage rewards,free trials,warranties,tie-in promotions,cross promotion,point-of- purchase displays and demonstration Trade promotions : price off , advertising and display allowances,and free goods Business and sales force promotion: trade shows and conventions, contests, for sales reps and specialty advertising
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Sales promotion purpose , objective and role Facilitating the introduction of new products to the trade. Many retailers etc. will refuse to carry the new products unless given trade allowances, display allowances. Obtaining trial purchase from consumers. Marketers depend on free samples, coupon, and
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Unformatted text preview: other sales promotions to encourage trial purchases of new products Stimulating sales force enthusiasm for new , improved or mature brands Invigorating sales of a mature . sales promotion can stmaulate sale fo a mature dbrand that requires a shot in the arm Holding current users by encouraging repeat purchases . . brand switching is a fact of life faced by brand managers Increasing brand usage by loading the consumers: consumers tend to use more when certain products such as snack foods, softdrinks when they have more of them at home . two for the price of one is a device often used to load the consumers Preempting competition by loading consumers Increasing on and off shelf space: rows of shelf space, or off-shelf space as end-aisle display...
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lectureSalesprmotion - other sales promotions to encourage...

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