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Managing total marketing efforts-trend in company organization Trends in company organizations Reengineering Outsourcing Benchmarking : “studying best marketing practices” Globalizing : thinking golobally and acting locally Flattening : reducing the number of organizational levels to get closer to customer Focusing: determination of most profitable business and customers and focusing on them Empowering: encouraging and empowering personnel to produce more ideas and take more initiative Marketing organization The evolution of marketing department Through six stages 1:Simple sales department: single person who manages the sales (vp sales department) 2:Sales department with ancillary marketing functions When the co expands so various functions such as research and advertising requires hiring of relevant professionals 3:Separate marketing department The continuous growth of the company will mean more and more of the above activities of stage 3 such as ad and research etc. so it will be inevitable
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Managing_total_marketing_efforts - Managing total marketing...

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