Motivation - 1 Motivation Motivation Defined as the...

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Motivation Motivation Defined as the psychological forces within a person that determine: 1) direction of behavior in an organization; 2) the effort or how hard people work; Intrinsic Motivation : behavior performed for its own sake. Motivation comes from performing the work. Extrinsic Motivation : behavior performed to acquire rewards. Motivation source is the consequence of an action. Regardless of the source of motivation, people seek outcomes. Outcome: anything a person gets from a job. Examples include pay, autonomy, accomplishment. Organizations hire workers to obtain inputs: Input : anything a person contributes to their job. Examples include skills, knowledge, work behavior. Managers thus use outcomes to motivate workers to provide inputs. Behavioural Approaches Hawthorne studies formed base for behavioural motivation approach. Importance of human element in terms of respect, giving opportunity for learning, employee empowerment & autonomy added one more dimension of motivation Douglas McGregor X theory represents traditional view of considering employees lazy & less interested in work While Y theory views employees as creative, Mcgregor believed that under the right circumstances employees will be willing to Contemporary Approaches To Motivation (1) Need Theories (2) Process Theories (3) Reinforcement Theories Need Theory People are motivated to obtain outcomes at work to satisfy their needs. A need is a requirement for survival. To motivate a person: 1)Managers must determine what needs worker wants satisfied. 2)Ensure that a person receives the outcomes when
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Motivation - 1 Motivation Motivation Defined as the...

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