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Questionnaire1 - (a Always(b Sometime(c Never 9 Do you feel...

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Questionnaire - Stress Test What is the level of stress of a small medium enterprise businessman in the society? It is higher or lower (Research question) surveying two different types of business 1) Do you suffer with difficulty in sleeping? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 2) Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 3) Do financial problems get you down? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 4) Do you find yourself 'self-medicating' with additional alcohol, nicotine or other substances? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 5) Do you get angry quickly? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 6) When you have been ill with relatively minor illnesses, does it take you a long time to recover? (a) Always (b) Sometime ( c) Never 7) Do you find you are prone to negative thinking about your job? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 8) Do you feel you are isolated, with no-one to talk to ?
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 9) Do you feel out of control and as if you're not in the driving seat of your life and health? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 10) When conflict arises at work or at home, do you tend to over-react? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 11) Do you shy away from social contact with colleagues and friends? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 12) Do you claim you have no time for hobbies and interests? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never 13) Do you feel misunderstood or unappreciated by your colleagues, friends or family members? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Never SCALE: 1 mark for always 2 marks for some time 3 marks for never (1-13) signs of trouble (stress level is high) (14-26) middle of the road (stress level is average) (27-39) on the right track (stress level is low)...
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Questionnaire1 - (a Always(b Sometime(c Never 9 Do you feel...

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