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What's Your Conflict Management Style (Johnson, 1990) Instructions: Listed below are 15 statements. Each strategy provides a possible strategy for dealing with a conflict. Give each a numerical value (i.e., 1=Always, 2=Very often, 3=Sometimes, 4= Not very often, 5= Rarely, if ever.) Don't answer as you think you should, answer as you actually behave. ____ a. I argue my case with peers, colleagues and coworkers to demonstrate the merits of the position I take. ____ b. I try to reach compromises through negotiation. ____ c. I attempt to meet the expectation of others. ____ d. I seek to investigate issues with others in order to find solutions that are mutually acceptable. ____ e. I am firm in resolve when it comes to defending my side of the issue. ____ f. I try to avoid being singled out, keeping conflict with others to myself. ____ g. I uphold my solutions to problems. ____ h. I compromise in order to reach solutions. ____ i. I trade important information with others so that problems can be solved together. ____ j. I avoid discussing my differences with others. ____ k. I try to accommodate the wishes of my peers and colleagues. ____ l. I seek to bring everyone's concerns out into the open in order to resolve disputes in the best possible way. ____ m. I put forward middles positions in efforts to break deadlocks. ____ n. I accept the recommendations of colleagues, peers, and coworkers. ____ o. I avoid hard feelings by keeping my disagreements with others to myself. Scoring
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questionaire on conflict management -...

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