Chapter 2 Questions

Chapter 2 Questions - 1. The simplest structure shared...

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The simplest structure shared among all living organisms is the B. cell. 2. Which of the following is likely NOT a common feature shared among all living organisms? E. All living organisms are composed of similar structures . 3. All living organisms respond and adjust to their environments. The process through which this occurs is called C. adaptation. 4. The process by which organisms maintain a stable internal environment in the face of a fluctuating external environment is called D. homeostasis. 5. Polypeptides (proteins) are composed of amino acids as ______ are composed of DNA. A. genes 6. We maintain a fairly constant body temperature despite exposures to different seasons or external temperatures. This is achieved through our capacity to D. All of these choices are correct. 7. All of the chemical reactions used to break down nutrients and build up components within the body are collectively known as C. metabolism. 8. Which level of organization includes all others? E. population 9. Which level of organization is required for all others to form? A. cell 10. When cells associate with each other they form D. tissues. 11. When communities of organisms interact with their physical environment they form a(n) D. ecosystem. 12. Which of the following is LEAST likely required for the digestion of a meal? E. populations 13. Which is the simplest of all levels of organization? A. atom
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Chapter 2 Questions - 1. The simplest structure shared...

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