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Rites of Passage Allow transformation of society to continue. Take apart, reprogram and reissue Marcel Mauss nephew of Durkeim. Prestation and exchange Malinowski Kula Mwali- white arm band Soulavi- red necklace Potlatch Levi Strauss Prestation: marriage, children exchanged Berger, Sacred Canopy Dialectic Phenomenon 2 contradictory idea or forces combining and resolving into coherent synthesis Society- product of man. Man- product of society 1. Externalization man acts on society 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Objectivation creation of reality through whats been externalized 3. Internalization give it meaning, core belief Nomos: Conventions must be passed on Religion: keep society going, legitimation Socialization: Ensure continuing consensus, agreement Social Control: curb resistance to tolerable limits Legitimation: Socially objectivated knowledge that explains and justifies social order Enculturated process makes you want to do what you already have to do...
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