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romanticism to realism - • Theatre Libre Freie Buhne...

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29/10/2010 11:51:00 Romanticism Shift in Dramatic Writing Norms vs variety of creation Common Origin, Shakespeare, Melodrama Realism Darwin, freud, Naturalism, Character, Setting, Scientific outlook Role of art in society, A doll’s house The Director Emergence, Role, Rehearsals, Wagner, Georg II Independent Theatre Movement
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Unformatted text preview: • Theatre Libre, Freie Buhne, Independent Theatre, Moscow Art Theatre, Stanislavsky ← Stanislavsky • Actor’s body and voice must be trained and flexible • Truthful acting, motivations and relationships, Magic • Moment by moment ← 29/10/2010 11:51:00 ← 29/10/2010 11:51:00 ←...
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