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101 sample exam quest

101 sample exam quest - e vessel for holding perfume c...

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Art History 101 Introduction to Art History Professor Michael Hoff I. Select the answer that best describes each image (30 seconds each). 1. (Seated Statue of Khafre) a. Akhenaton d. Quadrifacial frontality b. Sumerian e. Twisted perspective c. New Kingdom 2. (Venus of Willendorf) a. Relief d. Akkadian b. Neolithic e. None of the above c. Paleolithic 3. (Peplos Kore) II. Multiple choice. Answer each item with the most suitable response. 3. An amphora is a: a. drinking cup d. water pitcher b. large storage or transport vessel
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Unformatted text preview: e. vessel for holding perfume c. vessel for mixing water and wine 4. The reliefs from the palace of Ashurbanipal: a. serve as a receptacle for the ka d. depict a contest between nature and king b. demonstrate a relaxed, informal style e. show the king and queen in formal repose c. depict a battle between Assyrians and Egyptians 5. The Haghia Triada sarcophagus provides a good example of: a. Mycenaean warfare d. the Amarna Style b. Assyrian lion hunts e. Minoan religion c. the Geometric period decorative scheme...
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