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AP Modern European History Unit 1 Review Sheet Test Format Section A. Multiple Choice Directions: Each of the questions is followed by five suggested answers. Select the one that best answers the question. On the test, 35 questions will appear. You will have 25 minutes to complete them. Section B. Essay Response Directions: Write an essay that has a relevant thesis, addresses all parts of the question, supports the thesis with specific evidence, and is well organized. You will have 5 minutes to plan your essay and 35 minutes to write it. Study Tips 1) Key Terms – Study the main features and significance of the people, events, ideas, and other important vocabulary from the text and class lessons. 2) Key Concepts – Review the study questions for each chapter of the text we read this unit, and be sure to understand the purpose and main idea of each class lesson and activity. 3) Writing Skills – Review the lessons on proper organization and thesis development for essay writing. 4) Unit Organization – Be sure to understand the time and place of major developments, and review the differences between social and economic, political and diplomatic, cultural and intellectual, and global history.
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AP Modern European History - Course Outline Phase 1: The Birth of Modern Europe – 1348-1527 Political: New Monarchy, Italian City-States Social and Economic: Challenges to feudalism Cultural and Intellectual: Humanism and the Renaissance International: Overseas Exploration and Discovery of the Americas Significant Ideas and Information Political New Monarchies: Middle Ages : nobles were supreme governing 12 th th : England - Norman Conquest: William I makes centralized monarchy with Magna Carta: king is bound by law, Parliament France - Capetian Dynasty- strong line of monarchs Spanish : Castile and Aragon- marriage and reconquista (band together to push Muslims out) Hundred Years’ War - Rising Nationalism - competition b/w France & England – cultural differences Military Revolution - money to pay for modern warfare lead to centralize government to replace nobles as organizers of army Sign : increase power of monarchy = sym. Of national identity and head of bureaucracy Strengthening Monarchies France - -
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U1-MEHReview - AP Modern European History Unit 1 Review...

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