LN-HenryVIII - APMEH Unit 2 Henry VIII and the Henrician...

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APMEH Unit 2 Henry VIII and the Henrician Reformation A. Henry VII - Henry Tudor a. Ended war of Roses- no genetic claim to throne: i. Establish legitimacy by having babies and has two sons: Arthur (1486) and Henry ii. International recognition: from Spain because it is the most powerful and strongest monarchy at time b. Isabella- head of armies and more power and has lots of children i. Plan to place all daughters into exceptional marriages ii. Daughter Catherine 1485- Arthur are told (1489) to be with Catherine; fantastic education b/c after humanists 1. 1501 arrives in England and in November married 2. April 1502- Arthur dies (Catherine- 17 years old and stranded in foreign country) 3. Henry now the heir c. Main Idea: Need for legitimate heirs B. Henry VIII – Prince Henry a. Henry- big-time athlete 1. Era was expected to have best education (humanists) 2. Was being prepared for a religious position 3. Henry VII wants money with Catherine so needs to marry son to Catherine but are too related and big age difference a. Says that they were never husband and wife because never had sex b. Isabella says need a document- 1503 Pope Julius said it was cool ii. Catherine gets mistreated by father-in-law; Henry builds respect for her and finally decides to marry her after Henry VII’s death b. Main Idea: C. Wife 1 – Katherine of Aragon
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LN-HenryVIII - APMEH Unit 2 Henry VIII and the Henrician...

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